Wedding Photography Adelaide by photographer Bentinmarcs
Wedding Photography Adelaide, Adelaide photography by Adelaide Wedding Photographer Bentinmarcs.


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YOUR wedding will be an amazing celebration!!

I’ll be right alongside to help you and together we will ensure your day is a success.

Offering advice and guidance long before your day begins is my secret
to you being relaxed, and your images full of laughter and joy.



On the day I strive to keep moments real, not staged, no awkward poses so you remember your day as it happened. You may not even realise at the time how important a single image is going to become in your future life. But I do. 

I want to remember life as it was, remember a single moment, the people around me and how they helped shape who I am today.

Photographs are immensely powerful, somewhat magical


Memories can fade, but photographs let moments live on

Some moments in life deserve to be safeguarded - as memories can fade but a photograph transports us back so we can relive and feel what we felt. I want you to experience this feeling when you look at your photographs and album long after technology has changed.

An heirloom wedding album is treasured as much as the wedding day itself - it’s the gateway back to your day and how you felt in a very moment.


It’s a huge honour and privilege to know other talented wedding photographers, florists and makeup artists have asked me to photograph their celebrations.

When I am not photographing amazing celebrations I’m often going on adventures, travelling with my family, seeing the world, teaching Alannah and Zane to ski and relaxing with friends drinking wine. 

Love is a wild, amazing feeling!!