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Film Photography


Film Photography

Why would you use analog film in todays digital world.

Why why why why the heck not!!!

Analog film is so beautiful, the colours are true to life, sexy grain and it
gives me the chance to live up to my social media business tag of being an Artist.

Shooting film started for me when a bride to be Sarah asked me to shoot a few rolls at her wedding to Paul. Like a kid in a candy store I was soon hooked on the way it made me shoot, no screen to look at just your eyeballs looking through the viewfinder ( not always the case when I shoot my Holga camera ) I began shooting more and more film at weddings. I went all in and learnt as much as I could about the medium. Part of the reason I was so hooked on film was having shot weddings purely on digital I began to forget the meaning behind crafting an image and machine gunning my poor digital camera at what ever moved. Thats fine - that is an approach but when you need to sit in front of 6000 images and cull that down to 500 you think what the fuck.

Shooting film gives me the best of both worlds - no as a newly wed or family you don’t receive a bag of negatives to hold up at the sunlight or need a lightbox to look at your images. You get a digital copy - double take - what the - film is chemically developed by the best and oldest lab in Australia Atkins Pro Lab. I then receive the negatives and use a state of the art film scanner to scan very image by hand, colour correct then it becomes a digital file your loved ones in Amsterdam can see via the interwebs.

Your images are presented online ready for you to download or a USB to plug into you laptop.

All this is all good and well but the true beauty of film ain’t when it is upon your 60 inch TV but when you are using your hands and eyes and nose to look and smell at your printed images.

Im not going into a debate about film versus digital because digital has it’s place and quite comfortable in my camera bag. I love digital and it’s convenance and it excels in low light but during the day I can’t get the images and colours I want from a digital cameras if I could hell I would be converted.

My main packages include a combination of film / digital images but I shoot film at every single wedding and offer a 100% analog full day analog film photography coverage for the couples that want just that.